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Villa Demetrios

We invite you to Villa Demetrios - the place is beautiful and unique. Here you'll find stylish and elegant interiors, magnificent ballroom and the atmosphere. For our guests is always a professional service that meets each task. We pride ourselves on the excellent cuisine and dishes that will satisfy even the most delicate palate.
The object itself is characterized by the interwoven influences of Roman architecture which emphasizes its uniqueness and sophisticated style. Our guests can also stroll through the charming garden Demetrios enjoying a beautiful sculpture.
Villa Demetrios organizes unforgettable Bali weddings and all kinds of parties, celebrations or training. In addition to the elegantly furnished air-conditioned wedding hall able to accommodate 250 people, we also offer accommodation.
So if you are looking for the perfect place to make her wedding day became even more magical, then you've come perfectly. Other hotels can not provide you with such class and luxury as our Villa Demetrios.

Villa Demetrios wedding hall, weddings and guest rooms in Kałuszyn, Minsk Mazowiecki, Siedlce and Wegrow.
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